In most areas of the UK, the National Health Service provides one vision screen for Reception age children only (to identify remediable conditions). Areas either use a version of Thomson Screening’s SchoolScreener® software, developed for use by the NHS for Reception age children, or other methods of screening. The outcome is the same; identifying if further investigation, for a remediable condition, is necessary.

SchoolScreener EZ® is designed for use by teachers, support staff or volunteers at Key Stages through primary and secondary school. The software has been developed for use if/as required, as a quick test to check whether poor eyesight may be affecting a child’s progress.

Use of the SchoolScreener EZ® software is free of charge in the UK due to the kind support of Specsavers. The software is not a substitute for a full eye examination by an optometrist, which is strongly recommended on a regular basis (and is free of charge for children in the UK).